With a three-section fader layout for efficient hands-on control, the CL5 is the ideal choice for a diverse spectrum of live sound systems.

  • Input channels: 72 mono, 8 stereo.
  • Mix/Matrix Buses: 24 mixes / 8 matrices (Input to Matrix supported)
  • Fader configuration: 16-fader left section, 8-fader Centralogic section, 8-fader right section, 2-fader master section .
  • Stainless steel stay for iPad support.
  • Built-in meter bridge.

System Examples: Halls and Theaters

A Simple Daisy-chain System

Internal port switches allow the CL consoles to be easily set up for daisy-chain or star network configurations. In this example the Console at FOH position is directly connected to the I/O rack at the side of the stage. The network is self-configured. Of course the CL StageMix iPad app can be used even in simple systems like this one, and Dante Virtual Soundcard can be used to enable multitrack recording to a DAW such as Steinberg’s Nuendo.

A Flexible, Redundant Star Network

Star topologies can be configured with gigabit network switches. In this configuration, redundant connections to each device on the network ensure that a malfunction in one cable or network device will not disrupt the entire system. The Gain Compensation feature allows multiple consoles to control analog gain for a single I/O rack, for seamless integration of FOH and monitor operation. Multiple computers can be used for live recording, too.

* CL firmware V1.5 or later is required for Ri8-D analog gain control.

System Examples: Broadcast

NEXO NXAMP Integration

Install the NXDT104 Dante Network Card in a NEXO NXAMP and it becomes possible to communicate with CL series consoles. In addition to basic audio transmission via the Dante network, NXAMP discovery and patching can be controlled from the CL console touch display. You have Dante networking from input to output, plus significantly enhanced overall operability.

* CL firmware V1.5 or later is required for Ri8-D analog gain control and NXAMP discovery and patching.

Live Sound Plus Production Capability

A Nuage Advanced Production System can be merged into a live sound system based on CL Series consoles and Rio Series I/O units via Dante. This makes it possible to provide a fully integrated network audio system that can handle both live sound and production in halls or theaters that have on-site recording rooms, for example. Since automatic gain compensation can be applied when Rio Series I/O units are used with CL Series consoles, analog gain adjustments in multiple CL consoles connected to a common Rio unit will not cause unwanted changes in overall level.

* CL firmware V1.5 or later is required for Ri8-D analog gain control.

System Examples: Live Sound

An RMio64-D is used to supply a MADI feed to an OB van.


The live sound system includes a CL console at front of house and a QL console stage side. In addition to providing the monitor mix, the stage side QL console’s Port to Port feature allows it to function as an I/O device with capabilities comparable to an R series rack unit, thus reducing overall system size and complexity.

The RMio64-D converts the system’s Dante signal to MADI for transmission to the OB van outside the venue. Sample rate conversion built into the RMio64-D effectively resolves word clock synchronization issues.

A Version 3.0 CL or QL console in a surround monitoring system.


Connections to the surround monitor speakers and dedicated cue speaker are made via the console’s OMNI OUT connectors or a Mini-YGDAI expansion slot.

External surround sources are fed to the console via a Mini-YGDAI expansion slot so that sources can be switched and monitored via the console. The surround signals can also be fed to an external surround meter via a Mini-YGDAI slot.